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Jul 19, 2011 8:00pm EDT
to africa now, news corporation chairman and ceo rupert murdoch testifies before a parliamentary committee on the british phone hackings camel. he strained by his son, james who heads the news international his u.k. operation and rebecca brooks, a former chief executive of news international. the british media committee is chaired by john whittingdale. >> it was prepared on that basis and we would like the opportunity to make that statement. the committee discussed the earlier. we do have a lot of questions and we hope it will come out during the course of questioning. if that is not the case he can make a statement. can we not have that, please? >> the statement in writing -- >> thank you mr. chairman could we please [inaudible] >> [inaudible conversations] >> we will begin. good afternoon, everybody. this is a special meeting on the select committee. this is a follow-up to the inquiry which the committee held in 2009 on the privacy and level during which we took evidence on the extent of the phone hacking which had taken place. in our report last year we stated we thought it wa
Jul 18, 2011 8:30pm EDT
-hacking scandal with rupert murdoch and his son james. along with former news international executive rebeckah brooks. they testify at a british parliamentary committee about allegations on phone-hacking and police bribery at the british tabloid. that is live at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3 >> now bbc "newsnight"'s coverage of aldations of -- allegations at rupert murdoch's british tabloid, "news of the world". this is almost an hour. >> tonight scotland yard in turmoil. another resignation of the top. police biggest casualty of the phone-hacking scandal. assistant commissioner john yates follow his boss's example quits more in anger than in sorrow. >> there continues to be a huge amount of inaccurate, ill-informed and on occasion down right malicious gossip being published about me personally. >> another bizarre twist tonight. sean hoare the initial "news of the world" whistle blower is found dead. david cameron cuts short of visit to africa. >> i'm determined to get to the bottom of it. >> tonight we examine the damage he is suffering and the state of the met. then we'll talk about that comm
Jul 20, 2011 8:00pm EDT
day after rupert murdoch testified on phone hacking allegations by his company news international, british prime minister david cameron addressed members in the house of commons. he spent most of his time talking about his decision to andyand the colson -- highere colson as his communications chief. he was recently arrested for phone hacking and bribery. >> order. order. i have a short statement to make. i was very concerned at the incident in a culture, media, and sport hearing yesterday. it is wholly an acceptable for a member of the public's to treat and to be able to treat a witness in this way. it is all the more regrettable that such an incident should happen at a time when, particularly over the last few days, the worst of this house and its committees have enhanced the reputation of parliament. i have immediately set in hand an expert investigation into what took place, the reasons for the security failure, and -- order -- these lessons to be learned. this investigation will be entirely independent of the house authorities. statements -- the prime minister. >> thank you, m
Jul 7, 2011 8:00pm EDT
speak to rupert murdoch? >> i did speak to them briefly, yes. >> did you raise the issue? >> i did not discuss that with them. >> two weeks ago, you had rupert murdoch in your sights, but you did not raise it. >> this is not about who we talked to. >> you are the leader of the labor party. >> this is our willingness to speak out on these issues. >> labor has its own problems with this relationship. in january, he sent out an e- just newst pick on it international. it could be other places as well current -- as well. you cannot be comfortable that he did that. >> i am comfortable that the position that we have taken. to speak out on the hiking -- hacking issue. that is absolutely right. and the government have chosen a different course. they have got to act on assurances from news international. they are trying to get assurances from news international. news international assurances are not worth very much a given what we have seen in the last few months. even at this stage, the right thing for the government to do, the right process to deal with this. >> it is now alleged that he e
Jul 27, 2011 8:00pm EDT
of my career working for rupert murdoch. and that tends to be fortunately at the mama overlooked. i went to "the new york post" and editor to papers for the australian and the telegraph in sydney. i've seen both sides. i worked with this really couldn't stand when i was edito of the mirror. i just think it's a very emot to talk about -- i can retail rupert murdoch from news corp. and his power base. i'd actually rather l man. like a lot of journalists work probably at the senior level for him, i rather admire him, but i dislike very much th whole he has on the business. if that is the cancer of which you speak, then i would accord with that. >> on the one hand, he's brough people access to a world that they had no access to before, thousands and thousands of channels and had no sweat. so the upside is very great. i got, what would happen if 10 million people found the semi-he's been denied a license it's hard to imagine there'd be p
Jul 15, 2011 6:30pm EDT
was that social media is about accountability. the reason why ultimately group -- rupert murdoch will withdraw his bid for british sky broadcasting, is because the last three leaders of major parties urged him to do so. they did not urge him to do so because they suddenly had an epiphany about news corp.. it was because of the pressure they are getting from social media and citizens everywhere. all that happened so fast. everything is accelerated in the brave new world of media. this is really why i am so excited about the fact that social media, new media is all about engagement. patch is really about hyper local. we are now in 100 the towns across america -- 150 towns in america. we launched a citizen journalism initiative last week. within 48 hours we had 600 people signed up to be citizen journalists, bringing the news to all of you, bringing the local voices into the national dialogue, which is one of the things we are so excited about, being able to have a total of over 1300 professional journalist working with us, while at the same time being a platform that provides a distribution channel
Jul 22, 2011 8:00pm EDT
of the metropolitan police resigned. media tycoon rupert murdoch and his son, james, appeared before the culture committee. >> what happened at the news of the world was wrong. wheat and i apologize profusely and unreservedly for that and my father has as well. this is -- these are very serious matters, and we are trying to establish the fact is any new allegations as they come up. we are working closely with the police to find out who is -- where the wrongdoing was and to hold people accountable. >> do you think it is possible at all the newspaper would not have known about these activities? do you think it is remotely possible? >> why can't say that, sir, and coming i presume judicial proceedings. >> mr. murdoch, at what point did you find out the criminality was endemic in the news of the world? >> endemic is a very wide-ranging word, and i had to be extremely careful across the justice taking place now, and that has been disclosed i became aware of it and -- this terrible thing happened on your watch. why not? >> because i feel that people like trusted let me down, and i think they behaved d
Jul 11, 2011 8:00pm EDT
phone tapping allegations by rupert murdoch's news corp. the companies news of the world newspaper shut down last weekend over the controversy after 168 years of being in business. on tomorrow's "washington journal," we will continue our conversation on the debt and federal deficit. then, bill miller of the u.s. chamber of commerce on debt ceiling talks, jobs, and that the economy. after that, george washington university law professor michael a bramah weeks -- michael abramowicz. "washington journal," each morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. later, house secretary kathleen sebelius testifies about the medical payments advisory board. the commission would make recommendations on how to bring down medicare costs. live coverage from the house budget committee at 10:00 a.m. eastern. [applause] >> the u.s. chamber of commerce held a summit on the u.s. economy and jobs. >> welcome to the chamber. i would like to extend my appreciation to stand and the campaign for free enterprise for organizing this event today and to all of the chamber staff members who have been working on it for
Jul 12, 2011 8:00pm EDT
investigations into alleged illegal phone hacking in bribery by journalists. the hearing focused on rupert murdoch. this is a little less than three hours. go >> people can move in and find available seats. thank you. you have your officials near you. if has been alleged that the phone hacking committee has misled this committee. would it be possible to clarify for us what procedures are for investigating such allegations? >> thank you for giving me notice of the point of order. witnesses who gave evidence or mislead the committee who will be considered guilty. if they consider it serious enough to the content of the house, they will reported to the house. the house requires them to explain him or herself. the house may punish him or her for contempt. thank you. you were not on our list of people today that i -- but iphones you on sunday, and you agree to come in next -- but i called you on sunday, and you agree to come in next week. >> allow me to make a short opening statement. >> yes. >> thank you. i am very grateful for the opportunity to appear before you again on these matters, but i
Jul 13, 2011 8:00pm EDT
that rupert murdoch is not a fit and proper person and given that code. it's not just saying things and i believe yes of course it takes time to get these right. we've got enormous ongoing but i think we've taken major steps forward to make a difference. it is the test. we mustn't get into the situation where the prime ministers or leader of the opposition are pointing a finger making a particular point about a particular person. for the other question i think i answered it in full. >> thank you mr. speaker but on that very particular point with the prime minister agree that if er donfostin the legal restrictions preventing the t pi regulators to judge now the fitness of the news corporation's as an organization of the individuals to the existing share then those regulations should be swept away immediately. >> we're looking at that issue that the competition commission to look at it and we're going to hear what they have to say. for and we >> in the onerous inquiry, the e judge made all to be innocent until they were proven to beonor neither. does he agree the best trusted proved to be l
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10